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Our team

Fluid believes that our people are, and always will be the primary reason we achieve excellence, deliver on our work, and provide innovative solutions for the future. Fluid’s creative culture allows the people on our staff to embrace challenges with success in mind. In addition to Fluid’s executive management team (listed with bios below), our staff is comprised of industry experts and business professionals that design and manage utility, manufacturer and retailer energy efficiency programs, as well as Fluid’s marketing, business, and sustainability consulting services.

Interested in joining the Fluid team? Visit our careers page to view current job openings or to submit a resume.

Brian Simmons, President
Brian Simmons

Brian directs the corporate activities, provides short and long-term vision, and manages to fit in a little project work.

Brian first entered the energy efficiency arena by providing support for early lighting programs such as the Northwest ENERGY STAR Lighting Program, which he later managed and assisted in winning several awards. Brian is a creative visionary with a solid business background. His innovative concepts have assisted in delivering results for several organizations. Brian leads Fluid’s business services team which includes marketing and management consulting. He provides several organizations with consulting services on strategy, business development, and project design.

Brian’s professional experience includes time as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps, a member of operations management in the building products industry, marketing in the finance and professional sports fields, and program management and design in the energy efficiency and sustainability arena. He founded Fluid Market Strategies in 2005 with a vision of impacting the world in a positive way for his children. In addition to Brian’s role as president and CEO, is an active mentor in the Marine-4-Life program, and a member of several industry associations. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and Advertising from Portland State University.

Jennifer Simmons, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Jennifer Simmons

Jennifer provides overall operational oversight for Fluid. Her duties include the day to day management of Corporate Finance, Operational Management, Human Resources, and IT. Jennifer also manages and updates the organization on the financial health of the company, and provides final review and negotiation on contracts.

Jennifer is a member of Fluid’s Board of Directors and contributes to the short and long-term vision and strategy of the organization. Her background includes 13 years of experience in public accounting as an auditor specializing in manufacturing and non-profits. This experience enables her to analyze all levels of the organizational structure and provide insight on changes for efficiency. Jennifer contributes to several projects for Fluid as an advisor and business strategist as well.

She has a Bachelor of Science in accounting from the University of San Francisco and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Sheryl Bunn, Senior Director of Energy Services
Sheryl Bunn

Sheryl is a skilled and hands-on manager with over 20 years of experience in the energy efficiency and solid waste and recycling industries. She prides herself on being fully engaged with all of her team members and closely involved with all planning, program design and implementation aspects of her projects. Sheryl also has extensive technical competency, having designed and delivered a multitude of offerings in residential, retail and product programs.

David Hetherington, Director
Dave Hetherington

David has worked in project management in the energy efficiency, environmental and construction industries since 1996. As Director at Fluid, he focuses on energy efficiency program design and management. He and his team provide detailed plans for developing and delivering projects that promote energy-efficient plans, processes and products.

Carol Lindstrom, Marketing Director
Carol Lindstrom

Carol has more than 25 years of combined strategy, account and project management experience in advertising, public relations, integrated marketing and branding both within agencies and in-house. She brings a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of marketing initiatives to the Fluid team, from initial strategy development and branding to project implementation and final reporting. Carol delivers results by creating sound strategy and implementing it flawlessly, striving for a strong work ethic with a commitment to social responsibility.

John Morris, Director
John Morris

As the Director of client services and business development, John advises the program management team and leads Fluid’s efforts in government relations, education and research. He manages communications for the 140 member utilities of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and the Bonneville Power Administration in a five-state region. He strives to generate strategic partnerships nationwide to develop the energy efficiency industry from an educational and workforce perspective.

Selena Heise, Director of Energy Services
Selena Heise

Selena is Fluid's award-winning Director of Energy Services who brings extensive hands-on experience to successfully designing, implementing and directing energy efficiency programs. She has a proven ability to identify and analyze complex requirements and barriers and to execute innovative customized solutions for clients and partners.